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Rather than relying on generic or stock images, we believe in showcasing the actual challenges encountered in videowall installations and maintenance. Through the use of photographs taken during our numerous projects, we provide participants with an authentic glimpse into the intricacies of videowall troubleshooting.

Course Title: Advanced Videowall Troubleshooting

Duration: Full Course 7 Hrs , condensed 2 Hrs

Course Outline:

· Overview of common videowall issues

· Importance of effective troubleshooting techniques


· Understanding Videowall Components

· Display panels and video processors

· Input sources and signal distribution

· Control systems and software


· Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

· Introduction to videowall diagnostic tools

· Proper utilization of testing equipment

· Software-based diagnostic tools and utilities


· Troubleshooting Methodology

· Step-by-step approach to troubleshooting videowall issues

· Identifying symptoms and gathering information

· Analyzing possible causes and formulating hypotheses


Common Videowall Issues and Solutions

· Pixelation and image artifacts

· Color calibration and uniformity problems


· Power and Connectivity Troubleshooting

· Power supply and distribution problems

· Cable and connector issues

· Matrix and switcher malfunctions


· Software configuration and firmware updates

· Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

· Signal Testing using VOM and Test Sending Box

· Remote troubleshooting and remote access solutions

· Troubleshooting intermittent issues

· Root cause analysis and problem-solving strategies

· Preventive Maintenance and Best Practices

· Regular maintenance routines

· Environmental considerations and temperature

· Software updates and firmware maintenance

· Backup and recovery strategies


· Videowall Troubleshooting Case Studies

· Real-world scenarios and troubleshooting exercises

· Analysis of complex videowall issues

· Discussion and group exercises


· Questions and Answers

· Open session for participants to ask specific questions

· Further discussion on challenging topics

· Additional resources and references

By offering a one-of-a-kind course based in our unique expertise, participants can gain valuable knowledge and skills that are not easily found elsewhere. Our  course provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from seasoned professionals and advance their videowall troubleshooting capabilities significantly.

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