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Installation and setup of TB1 - TB2- and Viplex Express


Quick setup

1.- Download and install VIPLEX EXPRESS  

2.- Go to  your WIFI Settings in windows  and find TB2 or TB2 , they all start with the letter AP

3.-Select this WIFI and enter password  12345678  ( once log in will say not internet is OK) 

4.- Open VIPLEX EXPRESS and the screen should show a list of available PlayBox


After opening Viplex Express

1.- Click connect and enter Password 123456 . once connected PlayerBox is ready to be programmed


2.- Now open Novastar LTC and select option MEDIA PLAYER


To Login into the Media player we need to add user name admin and password 123456  then click ok  and enter into the normal configuration file in novastar LTC


Now the basic configuration has been completed

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